bring on the blessings

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this post with all the tact & class that a Southern lady like myself should possess.
Here goes nothing…

After months of fighting off friends and family with offers to throw showers and buy us items, I am surrendering.

I have a hang-up about showers for babies #2 and beyond. Personally, I don’t feel that we deserve a big celebration. Our loved ones went to all that trouble for us less than two years ago. It doesn’t matter that this pregnancy has resulted in a different gender, or even twins. I’ve just always assumed people get one big hurrah, for their first baby. After that, we’re on our own…right?

For some reason, I had this idea of what a subsequent pregnancy would be like. I figured we’d buckle down and make do with what we already had. We’d buy additional things, big or small, as the needs presented themselves. In addition, I knew the ones closest to us would come alongside us and ask how they could help. I’d planned to give them practical suggestions – babysitting, bathtub scrubbing, donations towards a new breastpump, etc.

But then it was twins. And it was girls. And people started asking how they could help, what they could buy, when was my shower. I was overwhelmed and embarrassed. I went into hiding and avoided all talk of invitations and guest lists and registries.

But this past week, I was confronted by a few friends, one of whom wrote me an email basically berating me for not allowing people to bless us. She asked me some really poignant questions. How much are you going to love these girls? Do you want to prevent them from being blessed? How much does your heavenly Father love you and want you to be blessed?

Jesus loves these girls even more than I do. Money & Southern etiquette have never been an issue to Him. It’s not the sisters’ fault that they are to be born after Ames. They shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun, especially not if people want to spoil them rotten. I was told to stop stalking Craigslist and register for new items that we need, nice items that we want, and girly items that we’ve never before considered. And besides, if people are going to buy us things anyway, shouldn’t I give them some specifics? Otherwise, we might wind up with twenty pretty pink blankets – and still in need of bottles or burp cloths.

I am humbled to say that I’m opening up my family to blessings from here on out. Bring it on. It’s not for me. It’s for these lambs, and I want nothing but the best for them. I have no idea what that looks like right now, but I’m excited about the possibilities. My support team is big, and my God is even bigger. Just a few months ago, Chris & I wondered how to fit all of these kids in our current vehicles. Now, two seven-seaters sit in our driveway.
Praise Him!

I’ve been adding items to a list on Wishpot for the last few months. It’s helped keep us organized as we run through lists of what we need and what we’d like to have. HERE IT IS. I’m even going so far as to leave a link on the side of my blog for the next little bit. What a humbling exercise!

I’m gonna try this out…
Let’s hear it for a new stroller, crib, breastpump, and lots of sugar & spice!

5 thoughts on “bring on the blessings”

  1. That’s the right attitude! I’ve always wondered about the whole only one shower thing. I get not asking for a lot of expensive stuff (that’s tacky no matter what baby you’re on), but subsequent children should be celebrated! That’s why I’m loving Blessingways lately. More about the mom/birth/blessings than GIFTS. Invite me to something! I’d love to be a part of your blessings!

  2. Thata girl! I WANT to bless you with tiny girly twin things. I can’t wait for your shower and am so glad you posted your wishpot list. Love you!

  3. Get the stuff. Just don’t sign up for expensive stores (which I don’t think you will) People sometimes feel they have to spend a lot of money when you are registered at righ-end stores. Also encourage friends to go in together for the big stuff like car ceats, strollers etc. I think you would be more embarased if the girls have to go with out clothes because you are too embarased to have a shower or two. go for it all! You would do the same for someone else – I know you will.

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