bless your hearts!

The mailman brought a sweet surprise
from a reader & fellow Modern Parent writer…
So so SO kind of you!
Hope to meet you soon.
snappis for the sisters!
and they’re pink!
and Ames likes ’em!

The support is overwhelming, and they’re not even here yet.

Blessed. Humbled. Thankful.
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3 thoughts on “bless your hearts!”

  1. aww how sweet!!! Hey I would LOVE for you to do a post about cloth diapering! I am planning to start once I have her and finally decide on a brand but there are so many I have NO idea how to chose. I want some that last until she is potty trained! :)

  2. I guess now’s as good a time as any to stop lurking here and actually comment! So glad it was a happy surprise! Can’t wait to meet you too!

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