beatin’ the heat in thrifty threads

After two years of jersey knits and elastic waistbands, I’m ready to put a little groove back into my closet. Of course, I must be frugal & particular when it comes to purchases. It certainly takes some creativity to dress a family of seven in style, without going broke! This may or may not become a feature of the blog. You tell me. I have no idea if people want to see photos of our outfits and read about where we shop. But after receiving some sweet encouragement from Jess (Boho Baby Bump) today, I decided to go with it at least once.
This is what I like to call a Sunday school teacher’s dream skirt.

I picked up a couple last week at a thrift store, unknowingly hitting the jackpot – all clothing was 50% off that day. This little number ran me about two bucks. Thanks to the muumuu effect, I can actually stay somewhat comfortable in this ridiculous Carolina humidity!
A few items of note, related to this very easy skirt-to-dress: No matter your size/shape, a natural waistline is always more flattering. Cinch it up, girls. Nursing in public is made simple & discreet with easy access. Throw a burpcloth over it! Dress it down with flats & no jewelry. Dress it up with wedges & bangles.
So yeah… that’s what I wore today, as we ran around town celebrating a NINE YEAR-OLD BOY NAMED AVERY!

12 thoughts on “beatin’ the heat in thrifty threads”

  1. love it! i’ve sooo done the skirt as a dress thing before too :) and i feel ya on no longer having to wear maternity clothes…hooray! enjoy :)

  2. alas I believe my OWN style disappeared the day my daughter Fern was born… I live my style through her now! And totes agree on the maternity clothes thing… if I never have to wear mine again it will be too soon!!!

  3. Nice! What thrift store do you shop at?? I live in Fort Mill and can’t find any good thrift stores!

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I’m so glad I did! Just wanted to let you know I had lots of fun reading and looking around. I am a new mama, work for midwives, believe in organic food and natural lifestyle and so your stories are a joy to read. I blog at and am so new to meeting other bloggers but it’s amazing how many are out there!
    Take care!

  5. Yes, keep ’em comin’! I dig your style and need a little advice here and there. And we’re on a budget in this family too!

  6. you are adorable! and i, for one, ALWAYS love seeing blogs highlighting thrifty fashion tips & photos. my family literally does not buy clothes at full price EVER, and the bulk of our clothing comes from thrift/consignment shops. it’s such a great way to save money and acquire items that are much more unique than the everyday stuff from modern stores. yay for thrifting! i’d love to see more posts like this! (:

  7. I love the thrift store skirt to dress style. I have some pretty ones, too. And I am a single mama of a seven year old beauty girl. We are both clothes horses…So, I’d love to hear about any thrifty pretty finds for you and your awesome family! Looking good!

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