beach adventures

I’ve consolidated several days’ worth of vacation photos for your sanity. 
Hope you enjoy them; we sure enjoyed ourselves!

The ocean was rough and the sand was hot. In fact, I was so busy monitoring the swimmers, I didn’t snap very many beach photos. My favorite day was the one we spent in the sound. Storm after storm rolled through, but they never hit us directly. It made for some beautiful weather and photos!

This was the longest stretch I’ve ever spent with my in-laws, and I quickly discovered that they enjoy historic sites and tourist spots. It was fun to take a few days out of the week and skip the beach for other adventures. One day, the big boys and I climbed the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse with everyone. Chris took one for the team and stayed home with the little ones. It’s the tallest one in the country, and nearly 300 steps to the top. My boys handled it like champs, but I was a bit nervous.
On our last day, we all spent the morning at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. It honestly felt like a different country, with its expansive dunes and uninhabited coastline. I think they’re the tallest natural sand dunes in the Eastern U.S. The wind cooled things off a bit, and the boys wasted no time getting as sandy as possible.
Can you tell we had fun?

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