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During our sweet anniversary getaway last December, Chris & I spent some time walking the streets of downtown Asheville, NC. Much to my glee, I discovered a local line of cloth diapering products. A few months later, I noticed that my local cloth diapering store had started carrying this same company’s items. Hooray for supporting small, local, independent businesses!
Babee Greens diapers are made in Asheville, using only organic and eco-friendly materials. They’ve been in business for over ten years and boast a pretty complete line of products… diapers, covers, wipes, washes, wetbags, even breast pads. 
The folks at Babee Greens were kind enough to let me review two products. For the last few weeks, the sisters have been wearing two different inserts inside their prefolds – the hemp/cotton doublers, and the new wool liners. Both products have literally revolutionized the way I view prefolds. Every single time I’ve changed a diaper with one of these involved, the girls’ bottoms have been completely dry. In fact, the liners are usually pretty dry, too. The diapers even seem less soaked & icky. Instead of being a backup to fitteds, I find myself reaching for prefolds more often now! When it came down to pitting the two against each other, though, the hemp/cotton doublers won out. It was by a very narrow margin, though… I just found the hand-washing-and-laying-out-to-dry-process a bit cumbersome for the wool liners. One of them accidentally went through the washer/dryer, though, and it’s still working great!
I’ve got good news! Babee Greens is giving one of you your very own pack of hemp/cotton doublers! Simply leave your name and email in the comments below, and I will draw a winner on Saturday. Good luck. Be sure to check out Babee Greens on Facebook, in addition to their website!

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  1. I have a wool longie from Babee Greens that I got at the Milky Way (I’m assuming that’s the place you’re talking about, which I love!), but have yet to really use. Little nervous about wool, but jumping in soon!

    Anyhow, would love some doublers!


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