a year with twins: out & about

As we cross into toddlerhood with the sisters, I thought I’d write a few posts to celebrate the ways we’ve survived & thrived over the last year. This series, A Year With Twins, will cover some of the basics of baby world. Feel free to give me additional suggestions, and as always… give me your feedback on the subjects as well!

out & about

Like most wild animals, the Kincaid Parade prefers to travel in a pack. 
It’s easier to handle the kids, and it’s more fun in general.
We’ve preferred babywearing over strollers, and it has proven itself both efficient and enjoyable. Even the boys wear the babies on occasion!¬†Over the years, I have owned one of pretty much every baby carrier out there. I prefer slings because of their ease-of-use and discreet nursing capability. Chris loves a good structured carrier. We also own three strollers, and we use them all. We have a single umbrella, a double umbrella, and a double in-line.
A random but useful tip: Blankets on board! We keep a giant red quilt in the back of the Suburban. That way, we have the option to sit on the ground wherever we are, and the non-mobile babies will be comfortable. We’ve done this at restaurants (in the outdoor seating area), at parks, and even at the zoo on a slab of concrete. It eliminates all of the highchair searching and the wiping and the pushing tables together and the grass inspecting and the worrying about safety. Breathe! Relax! Throw your family on the ground!

4 thoughts on “a year with twins: out & about”

    1. Diaper bag: http://www.petunia.com/bags/abundance-boxy-backpack/heavenlyholland
      I was blessed to review one and give one away on the blog last Spring!

      Double umbrella stroller: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=10884645
      Double in-line stroller: http://www.buybuybaby.com/product.asp?SKU=17127845&RN=7032&
      My in-laws gave us this one when the twins were born.

      I love and use each one of these items! I would dare to say we use the umbrella double stroller more than the in-line one, though. It’s lighter and easier all-around.

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