a year with twins: diapers

As we cross into toddlerhood with the sisters, I thought I’d write a few posts to celebrate the ways we’ve survived & thrived over the last year. This series, A Year With Twins, will cover some of the basics of baby world. Feel free to give me additional suggestions, and as always… give me your feedback on the subjects as well!
cloth diapering
Ames is currently in big boy pants during the day and disposable diapers during sleep. We go through approximately one pack of size 5 Target diapers every six weeks or so. He’s frequently dry after he wakes, and we’re often able to use the same diaper again.

That leaves us with only two in cloth. The girls do wear disposables to church and doctor’s appointments. The wet bag concept is simply too heavy & stinky with two babies, especially when we are out as much as eight hours out on Sundays. We go through approximately one pack of size 1 Target diapers every six weeks or so.

We use prefolds during the day and fitteds overnight. My favorite prefolds are Nicki’s Diapers, and my favorite fitteds are still (used) Goodmamas. We’re wearing those things to shreds at this point, so they’ve certainly returned their investment. The prefolds I bought used, too. They’re still in like-new condition after a year on twins. The girls occasionally make it through the night dry, but they’re still making wet diapers every few hours during the day. And praise the Lord for our diaper sprayer! We recently had to replace the trigger, but now it’s good as new.

We aren’t having the ammonia issues like we did with Ames around this time. I’ve recently started using Bac-Out on diapers after rinsing, and they sit in a trash can (lined with Wahmies) with a swinging lid in the girls’ room. No odor yet! I’m keeping my fingers crossed and staying on top of my wash routine, which we do every two or three days. Occasionally, I throw a towel in, to get the water level up a bit on my HE machine. I do a cold wash without soap, and then a hot wash/extra rinse with EcoNuts. I still hang all of my covers and dry the diapers on extra low for as long as possible. I’m (still) interested in trying wool dryer balls, as I hear it softens up fabrics and cuts down on drying time. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve also heard tennis balls work for that, too.

Are you cloth diapering? What about more than one baby? How’s it going?

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  1. i am cloth diapering my son! we started with it when he was about 4 months old and we havent looked back. we use bum genius 4.0 with snaps and they are great! he is in a disposable at night since he is 18 months now and a cloth just wont hold up over night but other than they he is all cloth diapering during the day. i will also do them for my future children too. they are mazing!

  2. I loved cloth diapering with my first baby (now 14 months). He attends day care now and they will not cloth diaper, so he’s in disposables now. I am pregnant with my second and am even more confident in cloth diapering this one–and I learned a lot along the way with the first! We have a homemade “potty pail” with sprayer and we used mostly BumGenius AIOs–they held up great and will be used with the next one!

  3. I tried gDiapers with my son, starting when he was about 2 months old. He did good in them for a little while, then all of a sudden starting leaking out of every single diaper we put on him. I was in contact with the G customer service several times and their multiples tips and comments of “We’ve never heard of gDiapers just not working on any baby” were no help. So, after months of trying, we are back in the Target brand diapers, size 3, and most likely will be until we attempt early potty training at 1ish. We’re trying a combo of going naked in the house, using sign language, and trying elimination communication. We’ll see how it goes (we still have a ways, my son is only 9m months now). :)

    1. I hope you try other brands! I know a lot of people who have had issues with hybrids, like gDiapers. They don’t always offer a snug enough fit.

  4. We CD a 4 month old girl and a 2 year old boy . With him, we use pocket/AIO. We sometimes use a disposable on him if we are going somewhere and he hasn’t pooped or he is going to school and hasn’t pooped yet. His poops are too messy to tackle without a sprayer!
    With her, we CD almost all of the time because she is EBF and hasn’t started solids, so her poop is not bad when throwing it in our small wet bag. With her, we use fitteds/pockets/AIO.
    We started using bac-out, but I think doing the wash every 2 days also helps:-)

  5. We used CD with our 7 month old boy until he started eating solids last month. I tried to spray off his still very breastmilky-poo but it won’t come off (I read that once on solids most of the poo need to be off the diaper before washing to ensure no bacterial growth occurs in the dipe). So, we are using disposables and my plan was to switch back to CD when his poo is more solid (when he is weaned or closer to being weaned). Any tips on getting that runny stuff off the diaper?

    1. Sometimes, Chris leaves a diaper soaking for a few hours before rinsing. That helps get some of the paste off! I’ve also washed diapers soaked in poop before, without any issues whatsoever!

  6. I’ve been doing cloth exclusively for 15 months and love it! We went with diapers from Etsy, and it’s been so much cheaper than disposables would have been. I’ve written a few blog posts about it: http://www.thenerdnest.com/category/everyday-life/cloth-diapers-everyday-life

    I love that your cloth posts are so detailed. Your ammonia issues with Ames prepared me to switch up our process when Jonas got bigger.

    The girls look so cute in those photos!

  7. I have an entire stash of one size pockets and covers to use on our new twin boys. They’re only 3 weeks now, and we’ll be using disposables until they are big enough to fit the smallest size (only a few more pounds to go!) I’d love more info about this though. Everything helps!

  8. I also use MCN’s with my twins. The girls just turned one so I have been using them for a year :)I use itti bitti’s- not sure if they are available o/s and prefer the tuttos (OSFM). I find it a lot of work- constant washing and making them up but it is well worth it when you consider the cost.

  9. I really love that you are cloth diapering with twins. We cloth diaper with our 5 month old. When we go on vacations for a week or longer, we use cloth diaper shells with biodegradable, disposable inserts. I’ve had a lot of moms with multiple babes in diapers asking how I manage. I suppose it’s because I don’t know any better, but I don’t find it to be much work at all. BUT I only have one butt to worry about! I’m happy to hear your perspective.

  10. My girls are going to be 1 on April 21, which is so, so, so hard to believe. I know you know the feeling! We use GroVia AI2 almost exclusively, but I also have some AIOs and Thirsties Duo AIOs. At night we either use a disposable (because one girl almost always poops overnight and I’m so tired of dealing with a burned bum and sticky poo) or a KaWaii Bamboo pocket stuffed with two bamboo inserts and a hemp insert for extra measure. There are days I feel like using cloth on twins is more hassle than it’s worth, but honestly, everything with two babies seems like a hassle at one point or another. So, we keep on keeping on…I really have my fingers crossed for early potty training with these two!

  11. I’m cloth diapering two right now – a 20 month old and a 5 month old.

    At first I thought having the two-size system would be great for this. baby boy was in size 1s and big sister was in size 2s, until baby boy needed to ALSO be in size 2s when he was only like 3 months old. yeesh.

    So i had to buy a few more secondhand to make it work. Still do a load every other day, but I don’t find it’s much more work. But if you have two in the same size diaper or you use all-in-ones you need more that just with one baby….something I hadn’t thought about beforehand :)

    1. forget to add, the two-size system that I like and that we’re using is Apple Cheeks. LOVE LOVE LOVE. we bought the Bum Genius 4.0s secondhand to add to our stash after our son was born and we needed more, but they’re velcro and snaps are easier I find. Wish the Bum Genius 4.0s that we got were the snap variety, but beggars cant be choosers ya know?

  12. We’ve been cloth diapering our twin girls since they were about 2 months old, when they were finally big enough for our Bum Genius pocket diapers. We love them! We dump solids in the toilet and then put the diapers in a step trash can, lined with a plastic bag. We swish the poopy diapers in a bucket of cold water, prior to putting them in the washing machine. Our wash routine is everyday. We do a cold/cold wash with an extra rinse at night. In the morning we do a hot/cold wash with an extra rinse, then hang them to dry. The diapers are holding up wonderfully. They’ll definitely be fine for another baby, should one come along.

    We do not find cloth diapering to be difficult or too much work at all. It has absolutely saved us a boatload of cash. My girls will be 2 years old in May and they definitely wet through their diapers more often these days, so we use an extra liner in the diapers at night and when we’re out and about. They still sometimes wake up with wet jammies in the morning, which is a bummer, but I’m pretty sure they’d be wetting through disposables, too. My girls pee. a. lot!

    I just love reading all these comments from other cloth diapering parents, especially with more than one babe in diapers!

  13. We’ve been cloth diapering Josiah for almost 2 years and Lucia for almost a year! I was gifted Flip Covers and Bummis Prefolds, which I have loved! It was the first ones we ever tried, and ended up liking them, so we stuck with them. I think with the next baby (whenever that may be), I might try a couple different ones that people have recommended. Our wash routine sounds very similar to yours, except we never ended up getting a sprayer. We dump everything and anything in the wash if it doesn’t come off by itself when I dangle it over the toilet. haha

  14. We’re cloth diapering our now 20-month-old girlie. Tried several types, but liked Best Bottoms most so that’s all we use now. Have to use an extra hemp liner at night. Have found that a diaper liner cuts way down on the mess of a poop, and we think Bac Out is a must. I love cloth diapering & wish we’d done it with our oldest, too.

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