a resolution in progress

Believe it or not, I actually made a few new year’s resolutions this year.
I usually avoid this type of thing, as I tend to be uptight and pretty hard on myself.
This year, I let myself dream big for 2011 and even verbalized a few goals to Christopher.
One of my resolutions: to use our kitchen chalkboard more.
Only a few weeks in, but so far so good!

I’ve been updating it with a menu and a list of the boys’ commissions for the week. We don’t give allowances, thanks to Dave Ramsey. Instead, Lucas & Avery earn money based on the contributions they make. Only a few chores stay on the list week after week. Otherwise, they enjoy a fresh set each Monday!

 Because none of the chores are imperative, there’s no pressure. It’s no big deal if beds go unmade. Papa Bear will take the trash out if Avery doesn’t, and only Lucas suffers if he doesn’t take extra time on his homework. They’re not obligated to perform, and we’re not obligated to pay them. The kids love it. They often ask if there’s anything they can do for extra commissions, which is where the child slave labor comes in – please & thank you! Sometimes, they ask us to take them out for a treat instead of paying them cash. Family memories in the making = priceless.

Keeping a public menu holds us accountable with cooking & grocery shopping. The kids know what to expect, and we don’t swing open the refrigerator doors & stress out at 5pm. The new grocery goal is to shop weekly and keep our bill under $100 per trip. So far, so good; and we still manage to shop natural & organic. And to think – we’re about to grow from a family of five to a family of seven… yikes! I find this meal planner from Real Simple to be very helpful. I’m certainly no fancy cook… that’s the husband’s secret talent. But I’m trying my best, and it helps that I’m learning on the fly with a houseful of boys – big appetites & lots of grace!

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3 thoughts on “a resolution in progress”

  1. We shop at Trade Joe’s, mostly. Occasionally, we do a “stock-up” trip for meats, cheese, and frozen veggies at Costco. They sell grass-fed beef & chicken as well as organic veggies, all of which come in one-serving pouches and 1lb mini-packs. Everything goes in the freezer, and we move what we need for that day into the fridge.

    So far, the trick has been to keep it to the bare minimum. I also open up the cupboard and fridge and use what we have to start our menu for the following week.

    Still learning! Can’t afford not to, though :)

  2. Ok, so we don’t know each other and that may be a little weird, but I’ve read your blog for years (we have a mutual friend — Bobby Michaud and somehow, in some way I stumbled upon your blog long ago). Anywho, I just love what you have to say and you’ve really opened my eyes in terms of pregnancy and child birth (I am childless and probably won’t have one until I’m at LEAST 33! Haha) You have a great perspective and I enjoy reading! Can’t wait til your next post! :)


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