a quiet date night

After the middle school football game last night, my mom stuck around so Chris & I could sneak off to dinner. She had brought ingredients to make dinner for my brother and his best friend, who helped manage the three little pigs. Those guys love our kids like their own. They missed the big boys, who had gone to their mom’s after the game. That dynamic is the most fun to watch. Lucas & Avery get thrown around like beanbags and somehow keep coming back for more until they’re sweaty beasts.
We left just after seven and stopped to take a photo as the sun set. I relaxed in the car while he poked around a music store on the way to our sushi spot. We spent a few extra minutes going over the menu, even though we have our order memorized. There was nobody to feed, no fussiness to quiet. I shared a little about my excitement for the Influence conference. But mostly, we just smiled back and forth at each other and enjoyed our food. I’ve been riding an emotional roller coaster lately, and I soaked up the solace of just being with the man I love.
As I went to bed, I realized once again how blessed I am to have a husband who works from home, and a working schedule that keeps me at home more often than not. The system we’ve worked out is always busy, sometimes stressful, but never isolating. We see each other every day. We don’t have to use date nights to catch up on anything other than uninterrupted face time. I am so grateful, and I don’t take that for granted.

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