A new look!

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Today was launch day, and yet it was 4pm before I finally got to look at it on my own computer. Hadassah Lee had just finished nursing, and I began halfheartedly packing for our trip without actually getting up off of my bed. Avery returned my laptop after looking up synonyms and antonyms for his vocabulary words; I suddenly remembered.

Here it is, y’all. The new site! I am not a designer by a long shot, which is why I’m so grateful for Allie. She captured my messy vision beautifully, crafting it into something fresh and functional. And did I mention we moved the whole party over to WordPress? Now, to learn this new beast. I literally had to email Allie to figure out how to log in. Give me tips! Give me grace!

Oh, and I’ll need a little time, too. The Influence Conference is this week!┬áChris & I are hours away from boarding a plane to Indy. I won’t be writing here for several days, but be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for fun conference happenings. @rachkincaid + @rckincaid on both platforms.

Until next week, friends!

10 thoughts on “A new look!”

  1. the new site looks great! enjoy your time in Indy – can I heartily recommend stealing some time for the two of you to catch lunch or dinner at black market? best hidden gem in the city.

    1. Darn that stomach bug; I ate at a few fun spots, but I missed out on the chance for any sneaking away for Black Market!

  2. The new site looks wonderful! I love how simple and graphic it is. And I feel your pain on learning Word Press. I tried to switch over from Blogger a while back and had NO CLUE how to customize anything on there. But good for you on making the switch! And as always, thanks for sharing God’s grace through your posts- what a blessing to be encouraged by fellow sisters in Christ.

  3. I just saw your post on Instagram and realized I hadn’t seen your blog show up in my bloglovin feed in a while. Actually, the post before this one was the last one I read. I’m thinking it has something to do with the new website design. I sure have missed your blog!

  4. I haven’t gotten one email since you switched to WordPress and you don’t seem to have a feed either.

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