A Mid-morning Photo Shoot…

We were up with the birds this morning, thanks to the “fall back” time change.
After morning work (Avery), nap (Ames) & laundry folding (Momma & Daddy), 
we headed out to grocery shop…
But not before we snapped some photos!

Our bedroom is a work in progress.
Our boys are beautiful.
Happy Monday!
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5 thoughts on “A Mid-morning Photo Shoot…”

  1. This is so random and hopefully not borderline stalkerish, but someone handed down that outfit Ames is wearing in this post and my little girl rocked it with a blue bow and it was fab! The size I have is 9 month, so if you still has it-your sisters could rock matcher stripe sweatery things this winter. :) (I live in CLT too.) Ok, im done trying to find excuses to be your friend in real life.

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