a fun announcement + a discount

Over the next several months, The Baby Grocery Store and I will be teaming up to bring you new product reviews, flash sales, and even a few giveaways! I’m excited to work with these folks, and I hope you take advantage of their great products and excellent customer service.

This new store offers a little piece of heaven for the natural-minded parent. The idea is for mom or dad to grab everything need in one stop – baby food and snacks, breast pump supplies, biodegradable and cloth diapers, holistic medication, amber jewelry, even fresh and frozen meals! I like being able to walk in and shop without reading every single label. Even the chicken nuggets and the fruit snacks are GMO-free. Sigh of relief!

Dread pulling cranky kids from the car? Call ahead and score some curbside pick-up. Check out from the driver’s seat, thanks to The Baby Grocery Store’s friendly staff and handy iPads. Looking a place to teach a class or host a baby shower? Reserve the store’s community center for free, and settle into the cozy living room atmosphere. There’s even a large screen TV with iCloud. Not local? Never fear… shop online and enjoy free shipping! This includes laundry detergent. Ummm, hello? Hallelujah!

In celebration of our new partnership, The Baby Grocery Store is offering a special discount. Kincaid Parade readers will enjoy 10% off their purchase with code: KINCAIDPARADE through Christmas! This goes for any products (other than cloth diapers), in-store or online. Happy Shopping!

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