a date with Ames

We ate dinner on the earlier side, with a little daylight to spare. We toyed around with the idea of loading up the babies and getting dessert somewhere, but the big boys were at their mom’s. They’re the ones who really enjoy those outings. I asked Chris if he could stay home with the twins and let me take Ames by myself. It might sound silly, but we haven’t had very many mama-toddler dates. I’ve been good about taking the big boys out by themselves for good talks. I can tell I need these solo outings with the little ones more often. I enjoyed Ames so much! I thrifted him a pair of Minnetonkas that are obviously for next winter, but he didn’t seem to mind. He loves them. First, we got frozen yogurt. He waved to everyone and sat in a regular chair and wiped his own mouth after each bite. Then we grocery shopped. He chatted me up the whole time, and he accepted my veto when he asked if he could pull the lever for the peanut butter-covered pretzels in the bulk section. As we checked out, blew kisses at the cashier and then asked for the potty. He held it like a champ, until we made it to his froggy potty in the back of the Suburban. I was so impressed with him all evening. I don’t know why I was surprised, though. The kid is a dreamboat.

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  1. what a sweet boy! i love the last photo there. super cute! i can’t wait to have kids to take on dates with me :)

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