38 WEEKS…October 2009

We’re getting so close, mister!
We’re full-term (as of last week)… which means you can come any day now!

I finished orientation @ CMC-Randolph, and I was offered a full-time position on Team 1 (3-12 year olds) on my unit for when I return from maternity leave – what a blessing! It’ll be on days (7am-3pm), which is amazing. I am very excited about it, but I know it will be hard to leave your sweet self every day. We will cross that bridge when we come to it… I know my mom, Sunshine, is very excited about taking care of you a few days a week. And the Lord has blessed your dad & I with such flexible schedules, we will make it work.
Our best friends threw us a fun party a few weeks ago, and we had a blast celebrating you.
As usual, the ladies outdid themselves with decorations and sweets… and the boys made sure the place was stocked with enough beer to keep themselves entertained.
We’ll have a good time going through pictures when you’re older. You won’t believe how sweetly you’ve been celebrated over the last 9+ months.
We went to a wedding last weekend, and I managed to stuff myself into a pair of heels.
Your dad looked so stinkin’ handsome.
Photo 175
Your nursery is all done! We’ve tried to keep it fun and cheerful, with lots of artwork from friends (you have some talented aunties & uncles)… Here’s a video I took the morning after we finished.
We have weekly visits with Damaris & her assistant, Christine, now. Christine is an RN, and she also recently became a licensed midwife. We’ve got quite the team attending our birth! We’ve had a visit @ the new birth center, which is quite lovely. Damaris and the other midwives have worked very hard to get it going, and it’s such a valuable resource to women in the area.
We’ve gathered and set up all of the birth supplies, and I’m freezing ice packs with comfrey leaf tea in them as we speak, just in case my more sensitive areas take a beating as you make your entrance – do try to be gentle, boy!
I’m having contractions regularly, and they’re rather uncomfortable. But everything has stayed pretty consistent, as far as timing and intensity go. I don’t think you’ve dropped yet, either…so I’m just trying to stay patient and let you do your thing. You could come tonight, or you could come this time next month. I’ve come to terms with that, but I am so excited to meet you!
Truth be told, I feel better when I’m up and about. It shouldn’t be too hard to stay busy over the next little bit. I will admit, though, working 50+ hours over the last few weeks has worn me out. I will cherish these last few days of rest.
Your grandparents’ birthday is tomorrow…that’s right, my mom & dad have the same one! Sunshine & I are getting pedicures to celebrate.
I’ve never been a nail-salon type of gal, but pregnancy will do crazy things to a woman!
This will be my last blog post before you arrive. I’ll try put up a little, “I’m in labor!” update when the time comes, just so all of our sweet friends & family can pray for us.
See you earthside, Ames Emmanuel…