31 Weeks…AUGUST 2009

Well, little man… you certainly seem excited to come! At our last visit, your head was so low, Damaris could barely feel it through my belly. She couldn’t wiggle it back and forth, either. Hopefully, it’s a precious SMALL head… don’t you wanna make things nice and easy for Mama?
We celebrated you at Heidi’s house a couple of weeks ago. She hosted a beautifully simple drop-in luncheon, and I got to spend time with each guest…so special. I chowed down on curried chicken and chocolate-covered strawberries. You received lots of blessings, too. There were cute burpies and blankets, clothes and cloth diapers, bath essentials, and a precious picture Bible. Your daddy and I are excited to teach you about Jesus, and what He did for you.
I’ve been building your diaper stash.
I buy 1 or 2 a week (<$20 total) from other mamas online.
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I’m excited about wearing you lots, too. Your infant seat (bought on CharlotteMommies) is a bit awkward to lug around!
It’s kind of funny to think that we won’t be bringing you home from the hospital in a carseat or a cute outfit… you’ll already be at home!
Back to the babywearing: we’ve acquired a Moby Wrap and a BabyHawk.
We found one of these @ Once Upon a Child, so we can go on walks with you in your carseat.
According to my early ultrasound and my fundal height (done with a tape measure), I’m about 33 weeks. However, I’m sticking with the dates I know best, which puts us at 31 weeks. Either way, you’re going to be here before we know it! I think we’re pretty much ready… I still need to replace some parts on the breast pump a friend gave me, and there are a few small things to get together. But when it comes down to it, all you need is something to cover your bum and food to eat, and I’ve got both waiting for you! Take your time, though…
Here are a few pictures from our family trip to Chimney Rock & Asheville this past weekend. We mined for gems, tubed down the Green River, and ate @ Mayfel’s (Chris loves the meatloaf). We also got to spend some time with your great-grandparents, Nina & Papa!
I love you, sweet boy.
We have something special, you and I…
and I haven’t even gotten my hands on you yet.

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  1. Yes tubing on the Green River is fun, but (pun) it might have provided a hydraulic birthing place as your Mom bounced around on the Green River Bottom. and …what the heck is a Boppy Sling? You are going to educate us old folks with designer diapers 21st century carrying deivces whether we are ready or not. ps we are ready! come on ! !

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