24 WEEKS – JULY 2009

We’re almost 25 weeks, baby boy…

The girls told me I needed to go ahead and get this out.
I found my first stretch marks this week. 
Okay, so they’re not official yet. But I can see them just a-stretchin’ under my skin, 
and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet!
I’ve heard some interesting names for them…
Battle scars, war wounds, marks of motherhood. 
Just know that by the time you come, 
I’ll have gotten used to this body. 
And I promise I won’t be upset with you :)
Next week, you and I are going to get fancied up and take 
some pictures with Megan from Almond Leaf Studios
They had a contest on their blog, 
and the winner was to receive a free belly photo shoot. 
All you had to do was email them with a creative idea for a location. 
I simply said, “I’d like to shoot at my house, 
because that’s where I’m going to have my son.” 
Apparently, it sparked some interest. We won, Ames! 
I’m excited. It’ll be fun.
Your daddy & I also became iPhone owners this week. This is a huge deal for us, as Chris has been drooling for one since they came out 2 years ago. I’m not going to lie…it was really hard for me to spend that money! But your dad earned it. He worked hard on a freelance project, and I wanted him to be able to spend some of it on himself (which happened to include me too – thanks, love!). Those tiny machines are seriously life-changing! Tonight I used it to film you moving around in my belly. I think you knew I was watching, “So You Think You Can Dance.”
Lastly, I’m moving forward with my nursing degree. I was offered a position with a home health agency last week, and I took it! I’m a little nervous…private duty nurses have a lot of autonomy, and there aren’t managers and other nurses to look out for me and keep me straight. But I’m jumping in and trusting that it’s what God has for me right now, and I’m excited to see what develops over these next few weeks.
That’s it for now, my love. You and I are hitting up a cloth diaper party on Friday. Hopefully, Sunshine is going to join us. She’s interested in learning, so she can take soft care of your little bottom when she hangs out with her first grandson! 
Can’t wait to put these dipes on you.
Can’t wait to touch your fingertips, either…
I love you, Ames Emmanuel.

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  1. Your great aunt Allison Mayo spent her whole nursing carrer as a private duty nurse. She thrived; lived in sometimes, traveled, had long vacations between cases, knitted and crocheted, made gifts for everybody, was generous, had a secretive income stream (never had a social security #, IRS never knew she existed), her mother Daisy Mae Ames Mayo live her last years with her in their Chester, PA home. Allison never found herself a mate nor had children of her own but she was cherished by neices and nephews galore all over New England where Ames Emmanuel has scads of relatives. Papa and Nina are glowing in yourals short but sweet visit to Kamayo Sunday. Mizpah

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