22 WEEKS, JUNE 2009


I’ve been pretty pitiful lately, little one. I caught a cold (in the 90-degree heat), and I had a hard time breathing through my nose for 2 weeks. I also developed some pretty crazy styes in my eyes (gross, I know), so I had to wear my glasses more often. Lastly, the leg cramps have hit me full force. They only come at night, when I point my toes in my sleep. But they wake me up and make me holler! Chris actually thought I was in labor the other night. Phew!

I’m getting bigger everyday, and of course, that’s a little hard to deal with. But Damaris lets me stand on the scale backwards, and I always manage to put decent outfits together so I don’t feel too hideous. I actually bought a tankini top the other day! Little do you know, Ames, but your momma never wears tankinis. You’re getting bigger, too. I actually felt you move on both sides of my tummy the other day. During Damaris’ last visit, she felt your head up by the left side of my ribs, and your butt down by my right hip. You are making the most of your little space, sprawling out diagonally!


We’ve decided to cloth diaper you, and boy, has that been an adventure! We’ve decided to go with prefolds, fitteds, and contours for now. Those are all soft cloth fabrics that we’ll wrap you up in, and put a cover over. I hope you aren’t one of those crazy babies with daily soak-throughs and blow-outs! But if you are, we’ll figure something out. I’ve become a little CD-crazy, always looking at fun prints and good deals online.
I love you, son. 
I can’t wait to hold you and kiss that spot between your lips and nose.


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  1. Rachel, I’m going to see your momma today. I’m going to share with her the amazing reality, that no matter how much you’ve heard about the joy of being a grandmother, it is indescribable. She can’t know it, until she holds Ames for the first time. It will be a moment that will give her joy for eternity. Your mama’s Mimi, my mother used to quote Charles Dickens each time she held a new grandchild….(all 14 of them)….”It’s no small thing, that a little child, so fresh from God, should love us.” God’s own son was His greatest blessing to us. The little child, He has most recently sent us of our own flesh and blood is next! I eagerly look forward to holding Ames myself! You were in a little swing the first time I laid eyes on you. It wasn’t long before you were in my arms! I cherish that special connection we have. I love you, Aunt Chickie

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