18 WEEKS – JUNE 2009

My nausea has finally subsided (knock on wood)! Thanks for that, little man. Life is so much more pleasant when I can eat a meal without plugging my nose and holding back my dry heaves. Your daddy actually enjoys breaking bread with me now!

We saw my belly move for the first time! I’ve felt you for a couple of weeks now, but you did a little dance the other morning, and Chris sat up just in time to see it. I’ll admit, it was a little weird and alien-like. But I enjoyed it, nonetheless! I’d love it if you enjoy dance as much as I do…and while we’re at it, being musically-inclined would score some major points with your daddy. But I’m not making any requests, I promise! You are allowed to be whomever you want to be, and we’re excited to watch you develop your skills and interests.

The midwife who is going to deliver you comes to our house for visits. How cool is that?! You’ll hopefully never know the bright lights and cold instruments of the L&D unit at the hospital, unless it’s visiting me at work when I finally get a nursing job. By the way, I passed boards! I’m officially an RN, and I took the test with you wiggling around inside of me. Anyway, we’re moving ahead with plans to have you at home, maybe even in the water…you can pick the location when it’s time.

And lastly, I want to show you a picture of what you look like this week…inside me, that is. This is the most beautiful I’ve felt thus far, and I owe all of that to you. Thank you, dear one.

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  1. Sunrise, sunset, quickly pass the days..weeks…months…years…generations… would that we could grasp and hold on to the sweetest time frames. Rebecca holding Rachael, Peggy holding Rebecca, Lyde holding Peggy, but we savour each moment knowing our Saviour has still sweeter times in store for us. Youall are beautiful!

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