16 WEEKS – MAY 2009


I can’t believe it.
The technician let us figure it out…you took awhile to show us, but you finally stretched out and we saw your unmentionables.
I promise we won’t embarrass you with pictures when you’re older, but we do have quite a few in
 case you’re interested!


We always knew we were


naming you Ames, after my Papa, 

but it took us awhile to
come up with a middle name…
We’re back from
our cruise! It was amazing! 
We’ll show you lots of pictures when you get older. 
Your daddy took lots of them. 
We ate all day every day…and played trivia, saw live entertainment, got massages, and did I mention VISIT BERMUDA? 
We were there for 2 days, so Chris and I got a bus pass. We rode all over the island, and we even took a ferry ride one morning. 
It was technically our honeymoon, and we made the most of it. Chris can’t wait to take another trip like that, when you’re earthside.
Upon our return, we spent a Saturday morning at the flea & produce market. I bribed Chris with Bojangles, and he was up and out of bed in no time (you and I wake up fairly early each morning). 
While we waited to place our order @ Bojangles, Chris was taken by a cute little boy standing behind us in line. His skin was dark, his eyes huge, and he looked to be about 10 years old. He was flapping a dollar bill back and forth, so Chris asked, “What are you getting?” He pointed up at the cinammon rolls in the case and said, “One of those.” When it was our turn, Chris added 2 cinammon rolls to our order. He told the boy to save his dollar. The kid looked surprised, but he said “Thank you.” 
Once the food was ready, Chris handed him the rolls and said, “Here you go. By the way, kid, what’s your name?” The boy looked us in the eyes and said, “Emmanuel.” 
And that settled it. It had been a favorite of mine for months, but we weren’t sure until then. 
And suddenly, we were.
You are Ames Emmanuel.
Ames means, “friend” and Emmanuel, “God with us.”

I pray that you will grow into a kindhearted man, and that you will always know the intimacy of the Father. You are our son, but you are His too. I can’t wait to share that with you.

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  1. Now that was a giant move for the Kincaids! Honeymoon, discovery of their new ones gender, and the composing of his melodic meaningful name. I like it all, scratch that, I love it all….It DOES deserve a kiss.

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