14 WEEKS – APRIL 2009

This week my mom & I took you to Topsail Island for a Maultsby Girls’ Weekend. We had a blast, and I didn’t feel sick once! You even let me sleep in until 7am one day!
We spent a lot of time chatting and laying around. I read a few books and soaked up some sun. It felt good, like summer was on its way. And of course, I fed you well. Lots of yummy seafood and potluck goodies!

This is the first week I wanted you to be a boy. I always said I wanted a girl, just because we already have Lucas & Avery… But I couldn’t help but watch the little boys on the beach, digging in the sand and chasing each other. I was captivated. The girls didn’t hold my attention. In fact, I found them to be a bit loud and silly! My mom looked over at me at one point and said, “You’re probably going to have a boy…and you’re a boys’ mom.”

So we’ll see! We find out what you are in 2 weeks, before we leave for our cruise…Happy 60th Anniversary, Nina & Papa! We’re leaving from Charleston and hitting Bermuda for 2 days. Your daddy has never been out of the country, so he’s like a little kid with excitement! You’re going to be a world traveler, and you’re not even born yet! Love you, little one.

5 thoughts on “14 WEEKS – APRIL 2009”

  1. I’m a boy mama too:). I love my sweet Glory & I try really hard to be what she needs, but at heart – I just want to watch them wrestle & protect.

  2. I’ll say it again (and again and again)…”There’s nothing in the world like being Mama to a Sweet, Sweet Little Man!”

  3. That’s God’s way of telling you if you are having a boy or a girl :) That instant *need* for one or the other. I felt the same way when I was pregnant with Madison… I all of a sudden just KNEW I had to have a little girl. And sure enough, a few weeks later, the ultrasound proved my gut to be right. And see, you found out the same way! ;)

  4. I was “instructed” to have a boy by my “former” in-laws and didn’t know until the birthing that I had a girl both times. Of course, I fell instantly in love with each and have remained that way. Raising them alone was so much easier when we were actually 3 girls growing up together. I was so immature when their daddy left, but God, in His infinite wisdom, knew what joy He had in store for us as we did girly things together through the years. I now have my grandsons and they are incredible!!

  5. The beach…edge of the land where your immediate kin live…edge of the water across from which your ancesters came…with sand pebbles and sand castles and wind and waves… a perfect time and place to dream of new generations to flow out of you. We have stood on beaches and prayed for you [Rebecca+Gary, Peggy+Ken, Eleanor+Garland, Daisy+Walter, Juliette+John, Prudence+Israel, Abigail+John, Ruth+Josiah, Priscilla+John, Tabitha+John, Sarah+James, Hannah+John, Tamison+John, Tabitha+Jesse, Mary+Jabez, Constance+Nicholas, etc.,] and not a one of us knew whether God was blessing us with girl or boy babies, we just knew he was blessings us and that was good! Thank you Rachael+Christopher for carrying on!!

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